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"We are excited to announce the opening of our all new spine center location in Homewood. This state of the art facility will enable us to provide the highest level of spine care, including specialized spine therapy and an on-site internal injection suite. We strive to provide quality care in the most comfortable and convenient setting, and we hope our new location accomplishes just that. We look forward to seeing you!"

— Dr. Mark Downey, Founder, SpineGroup Alabama —

Our Mission:

To help our patients return to healthy, active living through compassionate spine care.

Our Goals:

To be recognized as a Regional Spine Center of Excellence that provides the most advanced spinal care, emphasizing non-surgical treatment options for our patients.

Philosophically, SpineGroup Alabama has a conservative approach to the care of patients and encourages non-surgical treatment first. Within SpineGroup Alabama, Dr. Downey specializes in an array of interventional spine procedures that help many patients to relieve symptoms of a herniated disc without the need for spine surgery. This includes spinal injections that reduce inflammation around a nerve root or symptoms related to stenosis or arthritis in facet joints.

As of November 2019, FYZICAL therapy is now available in our office for spine-specific physical therapy options for our patients.

SpineGroup Alabama is the only spine center in the state of Alabama to be included in the national listing of spine centers of excellence by SpineCenterNetwork.com.

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Review by Robert Rodriguez 8/16/2022


Patient Interaction

Wait Time

I have gotten two block shots from Dr. Cotter and I'm still not doing well, which I don't blame him. My disappointment with this office is that not once have they followed up to see how my therapy is coming along. I've been going to the therapist that they recommended since June. Unfortunately therapy has helped but hasn't cured the issue. Not one follow up call.


SpineGroup Alabama, LLC.

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Suite 200

Homewood, AL 35209




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