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Dr. Wang on his inspiration for becoming a physician and his motivation to work with cancer patients. Dr. Wang Joined Alabama Oncology August 2015.
Oncologist - Cancer

“In 2004, I deferred my entrance into medical school for one year so I could help take care of my mother while she underwent surgery and chemotherapy for newly diagnosed breast cancer. During this time, I learned firsthand about the significance of an oncologist to not only treat the disease, but, just as importantly, also treat the patient. Combined with the great strides we are making to improve today’s treatment of cancer, these are my reasons and inspirations for becoming a medical oncologist.

I know that no matter how many patients I have to see in a day, each of my patients has only one medical oncologist. This, along with my experience of being with my mom during her cancer treatments, provides all of the motivation that I will ever need to come to work each day.”


American Board of Internal Medicine, 2012
Medical Oncology Subspecialty Board, 2015
Hematology Subspecialty Board, 2015

University of California at Los Angeles, B.S., Chemical
Engineering, Los Angeles, CA
Drexel University College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Residency-University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN
Fellowship-University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

American Society of Clinical Oncology (2011- present)
American Society of Hematology (2013 - present)

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