D1 Orthopedic Sports Medicine

The Official Medical Partner of D1


In an area well known for sports medicine, the D1 Medical Campus brings a new concept, never before seen in the southeast, where athletes can experience true comprehensive care all under one roof. Here you can find the full spectrum of injury prevention and education, injury stabilization and treatment, rehabilitation, chiropractic care, nutritional analysis and D1’s renowned strength, speed and agility training.


Digital RadiographyDigital Radiography

Patients visiting D1 Sports Medicine will experience the significant convenience of a rapid digital X-ray machine. No longer do patients have extended waiting periods to obtain images of a bum knee or shoulder. Since this modern technology does not require chemical developers, patients are whisked 

quickly in and out. Likewise, wait times to see the doctor are decreased as a result.

Electronic Records

D1 Sports Medicine also uses state of the art technology to store and relate patient information. Patients have the convenience of looking over their records and images with the physician, while he or she is in the room with them.

Human Performance Laboratory

This is a cutting edge concept in sports medicine which is provides performance athletes as well as individuals simply trying to achieve a greater degree of personal wellness and fitness, with precise metrics to gauge their progress. Among the services provided are a comprehensive baseline analysis of exercise capacity and targets as well as body morphology measurements.

Bod PodInnervue ScopePRP Machine

1. Bod Pod

Utilizing the Bod Pod, Dr. Connor and his staff can provide patients with accurate body morphology measurements which rival the traditional gold standard of water displacement techniques. Recommendations are then made to the athlete and/or patient regarding a regimine to achieve a specific target body fat percentage.

2. Innervue Scope

Also in the Human Performance Laboratory are means for diagnosis and treatment of injuries. In addition to traditional orthopedic means of bracing and casting, Dr. Connor and his staff can provide fiber-optic, minimally invasive, in-office arthroscopy for videographic diagnosis.

3. PRP Machine

An additional, cutting-edge technique provided on site is that of platelet-rich plasma injection. Primarily utilized for chronic, recalcitrant tendonitis or arthritis, this technique involves a small blood draw and a centrifuge which then spins the patient’s own blood to condense the healing factors into a small amount of plasma. This enriched blood component is then injected back into the site of injury, inspiring the body to heal the tissue using the patient’s own naturally occurring healing potential.


After I suffered a collar bone fracture and separated shoulder, I have to thank Dr. Geoffrey S. Connor, MD and staff for how they led me from the first diagnosis to the very last second. He always showed interest in me and I felt very comfortable and safe, since the most important thing for me was to regain my confidence with a complicated sport like MMA training. Being an MMA fighter, I feel like I can do everything now that I could do before my surgery going farther and training harder. Thank
I wish I had done it sooner! I can tumble without difficulty or shoulder pain now, and all I have to show for it are some very small scars. Thanks to Dr. C and his team I got to stay on my team.